Gravity “Paradise” Drop Through Carve Complete Longboard


Get going and never stop with Drop Carve’s 41” x 9.375” high-performance longboard! The Drop Carve features tropical beach-inspired graphics and a unique design that provides unmatched stability and control even at greater speeds. Skate on!

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Everybody deserves their very own Gravity board. Thus, Gravity Drop Through Longboard Carve complete skateboard was born.

Constructed from 7-ply Canadian Maple with a flat-concave, Drop Through Longboard Carve features a 41” x 9.375” longboard deck that was designed for speed. Its 7” reactive and smooth-gliding gravity cast trucks and 65 mm x 51 mm transparent, gloss ground 80A wheels come complete with ABEC-7 chrome bearings for less pushing, added balance, and improved push-power as you carve. Tie them all together with an anti-slip, extra-gritty, and abrasive OS780 grip tape and 24 mm 95A and 100A bushings for a smooth, gnarly ride. Wait no longer and skate your way through with the relaxing feeling that Drop Carve’s tropical beach-inspired graphics will generate in you!

Length: 41”
Width: 9.375”
Nose: 2.5”
Tail: 2.5”
Wheelbase: 31.5”
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Construction: 7-ply Canadian Maple
Concave: Flat

7” Gravity Cast Trucks for stronger and more precise turns and pivots
65 mm x 51 mm Transparent Gloss Ground 80A Wheels for improved push-power even at top speeds
Engraved ABEC-7 Chrome Bearings for faster and smoother grinds
Anti-Slip, Extra-Gritty, and Abrasive Black OS780 Grip Tape for total control on the road
24 mm 95A and 100A Bushings for more stable and smoother turns

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 9 × 6 cm