Gravity “Leopard” Double Drop Longboard


Are you looking for a feisty-looking double drop longboard? Here’s the right Gravity board for you. It’s constructed with 8-ply Chinese maple. With its 38” deck, you can enjoy discovering your strengths upon stepping on it. Its loud graphics says it all too. You got yourself a board that mirrors your guts in testing your limitations.

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Boasting an intricate graphic on its deck, this 38” longboard will surely demand more of your thrill-seeking time. It’s a double drop board that comes with OS780 Black Griptape, helping you keep your feet on board as you try more tricky moves up your sleeves.

The subtle Gravity logo appears on top, officially welcoming you to the growing family of strong-willed skaters. If you’re aiming to satisfy your itch for an adrenaline rush, its 70mm X51mm wheels can help. They’re transparent stone ground that comes in white printing. Meanwhile, the 7” trucks and solid bushings can help you achieve precise stops and turns on command.

Unleash the animal in you. Ride till you drop with the longboard that won’t bail on you. This Gravity board is an investment and an easy one to make if you know what you’re looking for.



Deck: 8 Ply Chinese Maple38*10in, Double Drop
Top: OS780 Black Griptape, Heat Transfer with “Gravity” Logo
Bottom: Heat Transfer Printing
Wheel: 70mm X51mm, 80A Hardness, Transparent Stone Ground Black Wheels with White Printing
Trucks: 7″ Trucks, Three Times Surface Treatment
Bushing: Solid PMS#124C
Bearings: Silver Bearing With Red Cover, ABEC-7 Printing

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