Gravity Hyper-carve Breamo Original Skateboard


Talk about a ride that defies gravity and you’ve got this 47” Hypercarve. It sports a classic retro look bearing the name of this prominent brand. Get this straight out of the box and experience bombing hills like never before.

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If you’re looking for an awesome downhill carver, then here’s the board for you. It’s perfect for beginners and pros who want a top-shelf deck to play with. Enjoy its great flex and quality hardware while bombing hills or even freestyle riding.

This board is made to give you the thrill of old-school boarding. It’s built solid and top-notch design so you can do slalom, cruise, and freestyle until your heart is satisfied. It’s made with 12-ply Chinese maple and boasts a flat with a concave build deck.

Experiment with new tricks without worrying you might slip, all thanks to its OS780 black grip tape plus heat transfer technology.

With its highly responsive bearings with a 7” trucks that offer three times surface treatment, this board is an easy pick.



Deck: 12 Ply Chinese Maple
Dimension: 47*8.25in
Shape: Flat with Concave
Top: OS780 Black Griptape + Heat Transfer with “Gravity” Logo
Bottom: Heat Transfer Printing
Wheel: 70mm X51mm, 80A Hardness
Wheel Design: Transparent Stone Ground Black Wheels with White Printing
Trucks: 7″ Trucks, Three Times Surface Treatment
Bushing: Solid Black
Bearings: Silver Bearing with Red Cover, ABEC-7 Printing

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